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Kilrush Product Launch

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Mobile Web Publishing

The Kilrush mobile internet publishing platform allows you to design, build and manage services specifically for mobile handsets.

Rendering mobile sites to over 6,000 handsets for the best possible customer experience.

Mobile Application Studio

Designed to be efficient and easy to use, by non-technical designers as well as developers, the Application Studio allows you to build iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications all from one interface.

But what does it do?

  • Applications & Mobile Websites fast and cost effectively
  • Optimised on the fly for to 6,000 different handsets
  • Applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and coming soon … iPad!
  • Drag and drop interface, for non-technical designers and developers
  • Part of a full suite of Mobile Embrace mobile solutions

Date: 18th of August

Time: 6:00-7:30pm

Venue: DOME Bar & Lounge, Level 1, Crown Hotel, 589 Crown Street (cnr Crown and Cleveland), Surry Hills

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Back to Basics

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4x steps to creating a lucrative Mobile marketing channel at minimal cost

By David Hayes, Business Development Mobile Embrace (Keys, Wallet, Mobile).

When did you last not have your mobile phone close at hand? Mobile is everywhere, it’s always with us, handset penetration is at 113% in Australia and advertising marketing conversation is dominated with the talk of companies using mobile.* Do you have a mobile strategy? If not, where should you start?

*Australian Mobile Phone lifestyle index – AIMIA (2009)

Step 1: Customer Engagement

Look at how your customers engage with your brand, product or service and look at your competitors. Mobile marketing campaigns are everywhere and companies are using basic mobile SMS promotions to create conversation, engage and incentivise their customers to drive growth and in many case new revenue streams.

Step 2: Mobile Marketing Fundamentals

When looking at how to utilise mobile remember your existing marketing fundamentals and always keep in mind the questions below:

  1. Who are my customers?
  2. What are my customer demographics?
  3. How can I engage in conversation with my customers?
  4. What added value does my product or service give my customers?
  5. How can I incentivize my customers to visit my retail outlets?

Step 3: Back to Basics with SMS

The media is flooded with the marvels of technology surrounding smart phones yet the massive majority of consumers are still using traditional phones. SMS is the most ubiquitous form of communication and allows you the greatest, cheapest and most effective place to start your mobile strategy.

Review your marketing messages and material looking at what simple line of dialogue you could message via SMS. For example:

“SMS the word INFO plus your name to 041X XXX YYY for our special introductory offer, limited stocks available.”

This simple SMS will tell you when people are viewing your messaging, their name and details about their mobile handset. This information is all you need for starting a tailored mobile campaign and at the same time it starts an engagement between your brand, product or service and your customers all for next to $0 cost.

Step 3: Engaging SMS

Interact with your customers always respond with a confirmation message. You can send a basic SMS confirmation or you can employ some more interactive experiences.

  1. SMS Questions & Answers

To create a 2 way conversation and gather feedback about your product, service, or gather further demographics such as age, sex and location.

  1. SMS Coupons

Deliver a scan-able barcode that will drive foot traffic to your retail outlets and incentivise your customer to purchase.

  1. SMS Web Links

Send your customers to a tailored mobile internet site to find out more about your brand, product or service.

  1. SMS Unique Codes

Deliver a unique code redeemable for a retail offer that will drive foot traffic to your retail outlets.

Step 4: Real growth with real relationships

Basic SMS engagements create a one of the most personal and direct relationship that needs to be nurtured. Always deliver a real perceivable value, be personable, be relevant and be respectful in all your SMS messaging and you will thrive. With these steps in mind you have the starting blocks of Mobile Marketing and can look forward to growing a lucrative marketing channel. Welcome to the worldof mobile, it is you and your customer’s future!



David Hayes

Business Development Manager

Mobile Embrace

Mobile: 0419 371 555

Edited by Paul Philips – PR Manager MobileActive