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4th-Screen Advertising Case Study: ‘Mobile Advertising Drives Sports Uptake for Virgin Media’

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4th-Screen Advertising have recently released a case study showcasing how mobile advertising increased sports uptake for Virgin Media.

Key points of note:

  1.  4th-Screen Advertising debuts a calendar sync format that with one click synced all televised football games onto users iPhone calendars
  2. Incredible results achieved, demonstrating that consumers are happy and willing to interact with mobile advertising provided there is something in it for them.
  3.  4th-Screen Advertising puts great brands such as the Guardian & Virgin Media together to deliver real value to the end user.

Click here for the ‘Mobile Marketer’ article:

5 Gmail features that we found both useful and amusing

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Mobile Embrace has recently joined a growing number of businesses that are switching their email to Google’s cloud.

As more businesses switch to cloud email and Gmail continues to rise we decided to join local companies like AAPT, NZ post, Macquarie University, the University of Melbourne, Flight Centre, and Ray White and migrate to Gmail.

Here’s 5 Gmail practical and entertaining tools that we found during our migration:

1. Google Documents – A long standing feature of Gmail that allows you to open and edit all popular file formats. It’s a particularly powerful feature that lets you easily share documents and edit documents together in real time all from within a browser.

 2. Chat Search – Valuable conversations and links used to be frequently passed around our internal chat system and frequently lost. Gmail’s chat feature saves all this information and collates conversations for easy access next to emails. 

 3. Tree Theme – This is particularly popular in our office and makes you feel like you’re outside when you’re inside. It gives your email beautiful background pictures of the sky that change depending on what the weather is like in your local city.

 4. Undo Function – A lab function that allows you to undo your last sent email if it’s been sent in the last few seconds. Useful if you suddenly release you’ve left something out of the email you've just sent.

 5. Mail Goggles – A particularly amusing function that keeps you from sending emails when you probably shouldn't. Basically, you specific a time period and if you try to send email within that period it makes you do a couple math problems before it sends the message. Perhaps something we should all enable on Friday afternoons.

Have you switched to cloud email yet? What do you think of Gmail? 

Our Mobile Future – A Look At Pico Projectors & Social Media

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With Apple is purchasing patents on pico projectors and Facebook mobile users skyrocketing from 65 million in ‘09’ to 200 million in ‘10,’ the two videos below provide some great insights to what our future might look like.

The 1st takes a punt on pico projectors showcasing a Mozilla Sea Bird concept phone: 



The 2nd takes a look at Facebook and what it could mean for mobile:



What are your thoughts on Pico projectors?

Nielsen: iPhone Vs Android – The Numbers

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The latest from statistics company Nielsen confirms the platform power play between Google Android and Apple's iOS devices. 

Key points to note:

  • 'Android smartphone market share trails iPhone market share by a scant 9 percentage points'
  • 'Android was the preferred platform of new smartphone buyers, suggesting that big-budget marketing campaigns for devices such as the Droid lineup and HTC's Evo were paying off.'
  • 'Members of the under-35 crowd were more likely to be seen with an Android than were older folks. And BlackBerry held sway with users over 45. Apple dominated when it came to smartphone users ages 44 and under'
  • Based on these trends, we fully expect BlackBerry devices to sink below iPhone in popularity within the next quarter. And we're sure it won't be too long before Android and iOS are neck-and-neck in competing for smartphone dominance.'

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Article originally from Mashable