The Scoop on HTML5

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HTML5 is a coding language web designers use to build the highly interactive elements of websites.

HTML5 is the new kid on the block when it comes to web design. It’s only been around for a little over a year but already, those in the know are jumping on board.Why? Because it works across ALL SmartPhone devices unlike its counterpart Flash which isn’t compatible with Apple.

This is big news because although Android is rapidly catching up to iOS in Australia, Apple’s market share is just too large for companies to ignore and HTML5 allows you to build an interactive mSite/app that will work across all platforms.

We’d recommend getting in early on this new trend because it’ll allow you to cut through the clutter by providing highly engaging and interactive ads, mSites and apps rather than the samey static banners and websites that make up the majority. This will result in higher click-through-rates, brand recall and, if you play your cards right, leads and acquisitions.

Being among the first also gives you the opportunity to learn and apply the power of HTML5 to campaigns and take ownership of the strategies you’ve pioneered.

Here's a list of the functionality that HTML5 can provide to increase customer interaction and engagement:

  • Tap to video
  • Tap to social
  • Tap to call
  • Tap to location
  • Tap to augmented reality
  • Tap to add event to calender

Below is a brief showcase of some of the work we've done with HTML5 for clients:


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