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Charging Your Mobile Devices Just Went Mobile?

by Ben Baltins. 0 Comments


Not since Maxwell Smart have shoes and phones been so seamlessly conjoined than with this latest invention out of Kenya. But unlike the shoe-phone, this invention is brilliant in its practicality.

Kenyan entrepreneur, 24 year-old, Anthony Mutua, has developed a tiny chip of crystals designed to be worn in the sole of the owners' shoe that can generate and store energy as the wearer walks. Whilst this isn't for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle (we'd suggest trying a car charger), the technology is perfect for the herdsmen of Mr Mutua's home country. With mobile use booming in third world countries where cars and electricity are scarce, this is great news.

The energy from the crystals can be transferred directly to the users' pocket via cable or, because the crystals store energy, can be used to charge devices post walk/jog. The chip is also transferable between shoes and can charge several devices at once.

The commercialisation of the crystals is funded by Kenya's National Council of Science and Technology with mass production expected to commence soon.