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Jamaica Blue and Mobile Embrace Team Up to Drive Foot Traffic via Mobile and Social Media

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Jamaica Blue has friended Mobile Embrace for their latest Facebook promotion which links the social media platform with mobile and is set to drive foot traffic to their stores Australia wide.

For the cost of a ‘like’, name, email address and mobile number people receive an SMS with a unique code that they can take to their local Jamaica Blue to see if they’ve won a share of $30,000.  

Mobile Embrace provided the SMS functionality to send unique codes to entrants via text as well as creating the Application Programming Interface (API) that links Facebook and the SMS gateway, ensures data capture and the successful implementation of the promotion.

“Mobile and Social Media work really well hand-in-hand with each other,” said Y Lassoued, Mobile Embrace’s Business Solutions Director.

“It provides fantastic opportunities for companies like Jamaica Blue to reward their customer base and increase foot traffic to their stores, as well as capture customer data for future promotions.”

What’s the Beef with QR Codes?

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QR Codes have received a bit of a mixed reaction among marketers which probably stems from mixed applications and results within the industry. There may be a general perception that consumers just aren’t savvy enough to use them, but aren’t URL’s on print/outdoor a little passé?

How to Increase Mobile App Downloads

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Developing an app that is specifically targeted to your audience and enhances users’ interaction with your brand is really only half the battle. An issue that many brands have encountered is App Discoverability. The question marketers should be asking themselves is ‘how can I encourage my audience to download this great app in the first place?’– After all, what’s the point of having your star player sitting on the bench?

Below I’ve outlined a step-by-step process for thinking about this question with the aim of increasing the discoverability of your app and hence downloads.

4th-Screen Advertising Case Study: ‘Mobile Advertising Drives Sports Uptake for Virgin Media’

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4th-Screen Advertising have recently released a case study showcasing how mobile advertising increased sports uptake for Virgin Media.

Key points of note:

  1.  4th-Screen Advertising debuts a calendar sync format that with one click synced all televised football games onto users iPhone calendars
  2. Incredible results achieved, demonstrating that consumers are happy and willing to interact with mobile advertising provided there is something in it for them.
  3.  4th-Screen Advertising puts great brands such as the Guardian & Virgin Media together to deliver real value to the end user.

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