Our Mobile Future – A Look At Pico Projectors & Social Media

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With Apple is purchasing patents on pico projectors and Facebook mobile users skyrocketing from 65 million in ‘09’ to 200 million in ‘10,’ the two videos below provide some great insights to what our future might look like.

The 1st takes a punt on pico projectors showcasing a Mozilla Sea Bird concept phone: 



The 2nd takes a look at Facebook and what it could mean for mobile:



What are your thoughts on Pico projectors?

AIMIA releases survey on how Australian’s use their mobile phones

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The 6th annual Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (AMPLI) shows strong uptake in applications and overall growth in the use of services and mobile data.


Report Summary:

- Mobile data usage grows

- Mobile applications downloaded by 41 per cent of respondents

- Over half of application users have paid for applications

- Consumption of information services rises

- Use of mobile commerce continues to steadily increase

- Nokia most popular handset followed by Apple 


Click here to view the report 

Nielsen: Australian Mobile Internet Usage Hits Record Level

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New mobile traffic figures show that accesses to mobile news sites have reached record levels over the election period. Points of interest:

 1.     Overall traffic jumped 19% in August with Nine MSN up 27%, SMH up 21%, and The Age up 18%.


 2.     ‘Major spikes’ in mobile internet usage occurred around the election and then again on 7th of September when independents announced their final decisions.


Results from Nielsen Mobile Market Intelligence service: Click here to view the report

MIG licences the Kilrush platform to Bauer Media

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MIG (Mobile Interactive Group) has licenced the Kilrush platform to Bauer Media to power their mobile platforms on heat, FHM and Zoo. Press Releaes from Bauer Media <http://www.bauermedia.co.uk/press-office/news/bauer-media-re-launches-mobile-web-sites/> MIG press page <http://www.migcan.com/archive/?yy=2010&mm=5>

We’re speaking at Mobile Monday

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2nd of August: Mobile Publishing and VoiceOver Accessible Apps

Event agenda:

  • Mobile Publishing - Are you confused about Mobile Publishing? Apps vs Web? iPhone vs Android? Where should you focus your marketing/promotions budgets? Allan Robertson of MobileActive and Venessa Hunt of Mobile Embrace will be presenting Kilrush, a powerful mobile publishing tool that will allow you to build iPhone, Android and Blackberry applications all from just one interface.
  • VoiceOver & Accessible Apps- Accessibility consultant Tim Noonan from Vocal Branding Australia will briefly explain and demonstrate the VoiceOver accessible features built into the iPhone and iPad. PLUS, reasons why you should ensure your apps are VoiceOver compatible as well as the benefits of including voice and audio media in your apps to extend their general appeal and engagement. Tim also works as a Voice User Interface (VUI) designer in the telephony space.

See you all there!

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