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Take home points from Mobile Monday Sydney – 6th of September

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Take home points from Mobile Monday Sydney – 6th of September

Harold Dimple from mHits opened the night discussing mobile payments for the un-banked. This was followed by a blackberry 6 presentation and a light hearted smart phones debate.

mHits – Harold Dimple

The statistics from Dimple’s presentation were astounding. 5.3 billion people worldwide don’t have a banking system, and use cash for all payments. In developing nations like Papua New Guinea this leads to cash loading in heavily armed environments, frequent robbery and sometimes fatalities. He touched on some of the stark facts about Papua New Guinea (PNG):

1.There’s 6.5 million people speaking 850 languages

2. Workers support up to 10 relatives and travel huge distances to distribute cash

3. People queue for sometimes days to buy their prepaid electricity

    The solutions of mPowa are based on an early SMS form for GSM called USSD. The system opens up a live connection allowing users to pay companies and transfer money to their relatives. There’s been real success with 60% of PNG’s prepaid electricity payments now done through mPowa.

    Although Dimple touched on how Subway is soon to deploy similar technologies in Australia, it’s difficult to get away from the stark realities of developing nations and the huge social and economic future mobile has in this environment.

    Blackberry 6 – Michael Momsen

    Momsen presented an impressive presentation on blackberry 6 and wowed the audience by rapidly giving away 3 new handsets. He covered blackberry’s great new APIs, and provided 6 reasons for choosing blackberry:

    1. Updated messaging UI

    2. End-to-end push platform

    3. True application multitasking

    4. BBM – blackberry only messaging

    5. Carriers increasingly giving users unlimited data plans

    6. Battery life exceeds competitors like iPhone

      The questions from the floor touched on the application store submission process with Momsen saying that blackberry would go further than its rivals communicating directly with developers on application submission.

      Smart phone debate

      The final part of the evening was a fairly light-hearted smart phone platform debate. The most amusing comment came from a Nokia advocate claiming nostalgia as a key element for supporting Nokia as a smart phone player.

      Big thanks to the Mobile Monday team Shane Williamson, Oliver Weidlich and Gia Villondo for putting together another insightful event. Looking forward to the next one!


      Paul Phillips

      Public Relations Manager – MobileActive